Kliff Kingsbury's European Instagram Model Field Pass Mystery Has Been Solved

Like Robert Stack doing work on Unsolved Mysteries back in the day, the Internet seems to have solved the case of the European Instagram model who received field passes to a Rams-Cardinals game courtesy of Kliff Kingsbury.

The story goes that NFL Insider® Peter Schrager and Sean McVay had Kliff Kingsbury on their "Flying Coach" podcast and the conversation turned to the time Kingsbury imported a European model for a game against fellow Instagram model fan Sean McVay.

"Essentially it was a meaningless Week 17 game last year, both teams weren't going to the playoffs and Kingsbury calls McVay before the game, like hours before kickoff, and is like 'I need two field passes,'" Schrager says. "McVay's like, 'What are you talking about you need two field passes we're about to coach against each other?'"

Schrager says Kingsbury was adamant he needed the passes. It was the final game at the Coliseum and Kliff wanted to get her on the field before the game.

Kingsbury didn't reveal the name of his Instagram model friend, but the Internet specializes in such cases and the Awesemo.com crew went to work going through Instagram Stories posted by Veronica Bielik, who was linked to Kingsbury back in December.

And there it was, Bielik had posted a photo of herself and a friend enjoying field access to the Rams-Cardinals game at the Coliseum.

That game was played in December 29, 2019 and Bielik was still in Kliff's house as of this past fall, which proves that the Cardinals' head ball coach was clearly into this European model who checks in with 3.2 million Instagram followers.

In December I wrote, "Let’s face it, a coach has to have a big set of nuts to allow an Instagram model the caliber of Bielik into his house with six games remaining on the schedule and a possible trip to the Super Bowl on the line."

All great things must come to an end and the Cardinals were bounced out of the playoffs by McVay's Rams in the Wild Card round, plus Bielik has stopped posting bikini photos from Kingsbury's pool.

What a run it most likely was for Kliff. Never forget the field passes or the good times with Veronika. It's back to the drawing board/Instagram DMs for Kliff.

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