Josh Allen, Mac Jones Lead NFL Jersey Sales

The NFL season doesn't start for another 8 hours or so, but a couple of AFC East quarterbacks are already sitting atop the league's leaderboard. Since August 1st, signal callers from Buffalo and New England have had the NFL's top selling jerseys, and quarterbacks from across the league round out the top 5.

Fanatics determined that Bills Mafia savior Josh Allen had the most jersey sales, followed by Patriots rookie Mac Jones. Tom Brady, 44 and fresh off a Super Bowl and probably some avocado ice cream, landed third on the list. A second rookie, Chicago's Justin Fields, slid into the fourth spot. And Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes placed fifth, proving that quarterbacks reign supreme amongst fans.

To the dismay of many (myself included), Ron Mexico, Tim Tebow and any player donning the number 69 were unable to crack the top five.

What's this all mean? Well, be prepared to see an eclectic mix of quarterback jerseys around town this fall. Running to Home Depot this weekend? Don't be surprised if you take a turn down the plumbing aisle and notice a way-too-old guy with jean shorts and a belly that looks ready to give birth donning Tom Brady's digits.

Have a kid playing youth sports? Good luck finding little Jimmy or Jane amongst the eight other red Mahomes jerseys on the makeshift football field.

This is a good time to remind everyone that jerseys are made for two types of people: those playing in the games and kids. If you don't fall into either category, calmly step away from the jersey.