Joe Montana On Tom Brady's Retirement: 'Give It At Least One More Shot'

Despite finishing his career in Kansas City, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana will always be remembered as a 49er. But after the comments he made over the weekend, some might accidentally confuse Montana for a Buccaneer. Or at the very least, a Tampa Bay fan.

Montana aligned with Bucs fans everywhere when he urged recently retired quarterback Tom Brady to push pause on his retirement plans and give it another run in Tampa.

"Look at the team he's got, why would you want to leave that?" Montana asked TMZ Sports rhetorically prior to the Super Bowl. "I don't think it's done yet. I don't think that's over with."

Montana seems to agree with many NFL fans, that Brady is still amongst the game's elite and is surrounded by one of the NFL's better roster.

"He's still able to play at a high level," Montana added, via TMZ. "And the way his season ended for him, I would think that with the team he has, give it at least one more shot."

Based on recent comments, Brady's current thinking may not differ much from Montana's. As OutKick's Sam Amico reported last week, Brady already appears to be having second thoughts:

"You know, you never say never," Brady said in regards to returning to the field, via his SiriusXM podcast.

Tampa fans, Montana and NFL enthusiasts can agree: a short-lived Brady retirement would be pretty Buc'n cool.



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