Jerry Jeudy Attorney: 'Bad Things Happen To Good People' As Alleged Victim Wants Case Dismissed

In perhaps a strange twist, the alleged victim in the domestic criminal tampering arrest of Denver Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy wants the case thrown out, as relayed by TMZ.

He is expected top be released on personal recognizance.

The alleged victim is the mother of Jeudy's 1-month old daughter. The woman and Jeudy both appeared in a Colorado court on Friday, where she reportedly "pleaded with the judge" to dismiss the case.

As our Nick Geddes wrote, the domestic violence charge centers on "removal of property," and not physical harm. According to the Arapahoe County (Colo.) sheriff, Jeudy illegally kept property from the mother of his child. She stressed in court on Friday that he never harmed her and that she's never felt threatened by him.

Jeudy's attorney told reporters the arrest never should have happened.

"Bad things happen to good people and that's what I think this case is," said Harvey Steinberg, Jeudy's attorney.

Jeudy had been on a no-bond hold and had to remain in jail until he saw a judge. The incident and arrest occurred Thursday, per the sheriff.

"The judge imposed a mandatory protection order on Jeudy ... but the alleged victim did NOT request a no-contact order," TMZ wrote.

Nonetheless, Jeudy is due back in court on May 31.

The former Alabama star just completed his second season with the Broncos, where he finished with 467 yards on 38 receptions.