Jaguars Stun Ravens With Gutsy Two-Point Conversion Call, Trevor Lawrence Looks Every Bit A #1 Overall Draft Pick

What an incredible day for the Jacksonville Jaguars. With the Baltimore Ravens in town, the Jags pulled out all the stops -- including outfitting their mascot in a USA speedo.

How do you lose when you support the Red, White and Blue like that? Answer: you don't.

Jacksonville appeared to be down-and-out several times in the game, including when Baltimore took a 19-10 lead early in the fourth quarter following a Trevor Lawrence fumble.

The Jags would respond with a long TD drive of their own and following a Baltimore fumble of its own, Jacksonville kicked a field goal to take a 20-19 lead.

But Lamar Jackson systematically took the Ravens down the field, threw a touchdown pass to Josh Oliver and then shoveled a two-point conversion to Mark Andrews to reclaim the lead, 27-20.

But that's when the #1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft went to work. Trevor Lawrence has arguably never looked better in his NFL career than he did in that game-winning drive. With two minutes left on his own 25-yard line, Lawrence picked apart the Ravens defense.

Backed up with a 3rd and 21, Lawrence hit Christian Kirk for a 16-yard gain and followed with a dime to Marvin Jones to convert the first down.

Later, he threw a perfect ball to Zay Jones on a massive third down play to get the team into the redzone.

Rather than spiking the ball and wasting a down, Lawrence quickly got the offense up to the line and then dropped another beauty to Marvin Jones to bring the Jaguars within one.

With Lawrence at quarterback and Doug Pederson as the coach, you know what was coming next.

The Ravens attempted a record-breaking field goal to win it, but even Justin Tucker has his limits.

What a game. It's a great day to be a Jaguar.

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