Indianapolis Colts Close Facility After Positive COVID Tests (Update)

The Indianapolis Colts announced this morning that several members of their organization tested positive for COVID-19 and that they have closed their facility pending test confirmations:

The Colts are currently slated to play the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

On Thursday, there was a scare when Adam Schefter reported that four Falcons had tested positive, but the NFL then issued a statement saying that report was inaccurate. One member of the Falcons organization tested positive, but no players did.

There have been a rash of postponements in the NFL and in college football the last couple weeks. The Tennessee Titans reported several positive COVID tests a couple weeks ago. The NFL had to move eight different games to accommodate a Bills - Titans game this past Tuesday.

At some point, if these positive tests do not stop, this kind of flexibility will become logistically impossible. Commissioner Roger Goodell has not ruled out the possibility of adding Week 18 to the regular season, which would cancel the bye between the conference title games and the Super Bowl but not postpone the big game.

Update: The Colts' tests were ultimately false positives, and their game against the Bengals is still slated for Sunday.

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