Giants TE Daniel Bellinger Suffered Bloody Eye, Facial Fracture After Getting Poked By Jags Defender

The NFL's a mean business.

One simple stiff arm can result in getting a finger bent the wrong way. Or a tackle attempt can end in a broken face and bloodied eye.

New York Giants rookie tight end Daniel Bellinger got a first look at the grisly side of the League during Week 7's game matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bellinger got his eye nearly poked out by a defender.

Bellinger was carted to the locker room on Sunday after Jags linebacker Devin Lloyd got in on a tackle attempt. At the same time, Lloyd also managed to stick his finger through the fourth-round rookie's facemask.

Bellinger Has 16 Receptions This Season

Blood was running down Bellinger's face and his eye started swelling. Thankfully the 22-year-old was okay and is expected to recover his full vision. Bellinger was taken to the hospital a short time after the injury.

According to ESPN Giants insider Jordan Raanan, Bellinger "suffered a fracture around the eye socket and septum." The injury will require surgery. No timeline for Bellinger's return has been announced. Raanan relayed that Giants coach Brian Daboll commented on Bellinger's injury, saying his "eye didn't look good."

The TE has earned an increased role in the Giants' offensive playbook but will now have to watch from the sidelines for what is expected to be multiple weeks. Reports noted that the eye surgery isn't expected to be season-ending for Bellinger.

Tough league ...

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