Fight Breaks Out In Dolphins-Bills Game After Christian Wilkins & Josh Allen Exchange Shoves, Refs Give Buffalo Big Break

The Buffalo Bills were dominating the Miami Dolphins in the first half of their Wild Card game but that didn't stop Bills quarterback Josh Allen from getting frustrated following an interception.

Late in the second quarter, Allen heaved one downfield to John Brown but Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard made an excellent over-the-shoulder interception near his own endzone.

Not only did Howard snag the pass, but he quickly turned it into a big return. During the return, Dolphins defensive lineman Christian Wilkins gave Josh Allen a light shove and then boxed him out. To be fair to Wilkins, Allen definitely could have been involved in a potential tackle and the shove was relatively light.

But Allen did not take kindly to the push and he responded with a much heavier shove of his own. Wilkins and Allen then engaged in a scuffle, with Bills teammates coming to Allen’s rescue. Center Mitch Morse pulled Wilkins off Allen and the two eventually wrestled each other to the ground.

Referees penalized both Morse and Wilkins with 15-yard personal fouls. They did not flag Allen. Nor did they flag Bills tackle Spencer Brown, who came in late and dove on Wilkins' head.


Morse and Wilkins deserved flags for their roles, but the Bills were fortunate that Brown did not receive a foul. Miami should have been awarded another 15 yards on top of the great return by Howard.

Ultimately, Miami turned the drive into a field goal and a 17-6 deficit as the game nears halftime.

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