Falcons' Grady Jarrett Reacts To His 'Roughing The Passer' Sack On Tom Brady

It's been a bad week of officiating for the NFL as fans debate between the more egregious call from Week 5: Grady Jarrett's sack on Tom Brady or Chris Jones' sack on Derek Carr.

One player that held his criticisms was Falcons defensive lineman Grady Jarrett, who reached Brady for the sack that was deemed a Roughing the Passer penalty by officials.


He finally spoke on the terrible call during his weekly radio show.

Jarrett voiced his confusion over what's deemed a legal hit on quarterbacks based on the ridiculous flag he received.

"Just looking back on it, I'm still kind of left clueless," Jarrett said, as relayed by Fox News Digital. "On what I'm expected to do in that situation."


Jarrett also commented on Chris Jones' sack on Carr.

"I did see Chris' sack last night, and that was questionable as well," Jarrett said. "All these other things that we can review, I'm not saying that it cost us the game, but it cost us an opportunity to win the game and if it's costing people games, it's going to cost people livelihoods. Going to cost people opportunities. You never know who is going to go down and make a crazy play."

Football fans worry that the NFL's handling of player safety is culminating in a harmful handicap to the sport now that pass rushers are being kept in check by referees.

The overly cautious calls have been fairly apparent following Tua Tagovailoa's concussion issues this past month.

Even Tom Brady shrugged off the questionable RTP call from Sunday's game against Atlanta.

“Like I said, I don’t throw the flags, I just throw tablets,” Brady responded.

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