Ex-NFL QB Has Interesting Mahomes-Allen Comparisons

For three years, the sports world has angrily debated the "best young QB not named Patrick Mahomes." It has gone from Lamar Jackson to Kyler Murray to Deshaun Watson. Today, it's Josh Allen.

Unlike Jackson, Murray, and Watson — Allen makes throws Mahomes cannot. Furthermore, Allen's ceiling is not far off from Mahomes'.

Jim Miller, former NFL QB turned SiriusXM NFL Radio host, is all in.

“Physically,” Miller told the Toronto Sun  this week, “Josh Allen can do things that no other QB in the NFL can do.”

"But wait," the pro-Mahomes media would yell. Don't worry, the Sun reminded Miller of Mahomes

“Allen’s physical tools are just through the roof,” Miller goes on. “People took offense the other day when I said that on Sirius. I said, 'hey, this guy can do what no other quarterback in the NFL can do.' And right away you get, ‘Oh, but he can’t do what Mahomes can do.’

“I said, ‘No. Mahomes can’t do what Josh Allen can do.’ Josh Allen has the bigger arm than Mahomes, Josh is the better athlete than Mahomes. He may not be as savvy as Mahomes right now; Mahomes is a savvy player and he’s gifted athletically too. But I’m telling you, Allen is more physically gifted.”

For some reason, we are not allowed to question Mahomes despite his recent sloppy play. Though, in many ways, Allen's potential is like no other. He has, as Miller notes, a better arm than Mahomes. He's way more athletic. Above all, Allen is only 60% of what he can be; Mahomes is closer to 85%.

This isn't saying Allen is better than Mahomes or a better long-term option. But moving forward, there are few QBs I'd take over Allen. Ignore the media and look at the game-by-game differences between Allen and Mahomes — not that far off, huh?

Finally, Allen has taken significant leaps each season. If that continues, an MVP is in his future.

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