ESPN's Dan Orlovsky Hints At Joining Jeff Saturday In Indianapolis; Could Other ESPNers Follow Suit?

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the football world this week when they fired head coach Frank Reich and replaced him with ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday. Fellow ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky joined Dan Patrick on Tuesday and hinted that he would love to join the staff as well.

Patrick jokingly suggested that the entire ESPN staff, seemingly, could be up for jobs with the team. But is it really a joke?

Let's start with Orlovsky. He joined "The Dan Patrick Show" to talk about his friend and former colleague, Jeff Saturday, becoming the interim head coach of the Colts. The conversation started as most do with analysts.

Orlovsky explained that his good buddy is a great fit with team, despite zero coaching experience at either the college or NFL level. Something that ESPN's Field Yates noted is likely a first in the history of the league.

Be careful, Field, you might cost yourself a job!

Sometimes jokes become reality

As Patrick continues his interview with Orlovsky, he tongue-in-cheek asks if Saturday offered Orlovsky "a job to be the quarterbacks coach with the Colts."

"Not directly, no" Dan Orlovsky responds.

Not directly!? What kind of answer is that?

"OK, you're giving me a real answer here," a stunned Patrick responds. "I mean, I was kinda joking, but you gave me a real answer I appreciate that. Will you lobby to join the Colts staff?"

"No, I won't lobby," Orlovsky responded. "I've made myself pretty clear to Jeff. I want to coach one day; I'm very much so interested in it. Candidly, as the days go on and on, I get more interested in it."

He then goes on to heap praise on ESPN, his co-workers, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro ... blah, blah, blah. It's too late, Dan. We know where your heart lies.

Comments begin at the 5:10 mark of the interview:

Why don't all the ESPN Analysts join Jeff Saturday and Dan Orlovsky to lead the Colts?

Since they were already heading down the path, Patrick jokingly -- I think, but at this point can any of this be considered a joke? -- suggests the rest of ESPN for jobs with the Colts.

"How about I get ... Booger , I get Swagu , I get Rex Ryan, Mina Kimes can come in as well," Patrick says.

"Mina Kimes would be the number one on the list," Dan Orlovsky interrupts.

"Everybody comes in and joins the coaching staff with the Colts, how do you think that coaching staff would be?" Patrick finishes his question.

"We wouldn't have the number one pick then, we would do too well," Orlovsky fires back.

It sounds crazy, right? But is it? Could Mina Kimes actually find her way into the Colts front office? Remember, Jeff Saturday fiercely defended Kimes when she posted an alleged email she got from someone allegedly named "Charles Brown."

Stay tuned. The Indianapolis Colts could soon become Bristol Midwest as the talking heads on ESPN all try their hands at running an actual NFL team.

Though Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes and the others mentioned have no coaching experience, that doesn't appear to be a major prerequisite for Colts owner Jim Irsay.

I bet fans would root for this. These people all sit on TV and pontificate about how things SHOULD be done in the NFL. How about actually going out and doing it?

My money says they'll keep putting on makeup and stay in front of the camera.

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