Eagles WR AJ Brown Drops Major 'WTF' Tweet

AJ Brown is a stat machine.

High-school-level stats, on the other hand, do not appear to be his strong suit.

The new Philadelphia Eagles receiver had a galaxy-brain moment on Friday when he tweeted out a new discovery made about meteorology and probability.

Brown tweeted:

“Today I learned that the ‘%’ on the weather doesn’t mean it’s the percent of a chance its going to rain/etc. It means its the percent of the city is the amount its going to get hit with rain/etc. Meaning like 50% rains means that’s how much in the city it will rain in.”

Twitter users couldn’t let him live down the ludicrous tweet and started land’splaining how percentages on the weather app actually work ...

Titans fans got their own shots in.

At one point, Brown addressed one of the Tennessee trolls.

Brown eventually opted for the perfect scapegoat, not named Ryan Tannehill, if the math didn’t calculate with the general audience, tweeting out that his girlfriend was behind the logic (or lack of).

“If it’s wrong, blame my girlfriend. I just be listening to her ‘Sometimes’ lol,” Brown tweeted, flirting with a high probability of getting sent to the doghouse.

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