Eagles' O-Line Turns In Best Performance Of Year With 'White Christmas' Cover

The Eagles turned in the singing performance of the year (no, not those Eagles).

Certified big boys Jason Kelce, Lane Johnson and Jordan Mailata released a teaser for their upcoming Christmas album. It's set for release in December, and the performance went above and beyond anyone's expectations.

The trio of Philadelphia Eagles offensive linemen gathered together and delivered a kicka** performance of "White Christmas."

Turns out Jordan Mailata is not only one of the biggest dudes in the NFL (6'8", 366 lbs.), but he's also one of the most vocally gifted. He crushed the groovy portion of the famous Drifters rendition, while Johnson and Kelce filled in the rest of the song with Bing Crosby-like baritone.

It was a total win for the 9-1 crew.


According to Mediaite, Kelce was the grand orchestrator of this Christmas album, convincing his fellow lineman to join in to boost the Christmas spirit in Philly.

“I had an idea that doing a Christmas album would be great,” Kelce in a promotional video for the forthcoming album, originally recorded in June 2022. “The problem is I can’t sing, so I knew I would have to coax guys that could sing and come do this. That’s when I went to Jordan and Lane.”

The album, "A Philly Special Christmas," will be released on Dec. 23. You'd have to be a total Grinch not to appreciate this.

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