Eagles Coach Nick Sirianni Spotted Knocking Back Shots At Bar With Fans, Weeks After Super Bowl 57 Loss

Don't bother trying to talk about lineups to Eagles coach Nick Sirianni in the offseason. That is, unless it's a lineup of Jäger shots.

The confident and often cocky coach was spotted at Brewers Towne Tavern in Haddon Township, New Jersey on Saturday, appearing to enjoy a real binger to drown the sorrows of a Super Bowl loss.

Sirianni pulled up to the tavern with his friends but wasn't shy to start downing shots with other patrons and let the good times roll.

Several patrons took videos of Sirianni, including Morgan Collazo, who caught Sirianni being a real team player as he lugged four beers back to his table. Draft analysts consider that kind of beer haul an "intangible."

However, an analyst would dock Sirianni's decision-making after agreeing to drink shots of Jäger. Could've gone for something smoother and not disgusting.


We reached out for comment on whether Sirianni sang Pearl Jam or Meek Mill on the karaoke mic but received no response.

Credit to Sirianni, who was easily the life of the party; coming a long way since his awkward media sessions where he compared Philly's game plan to budding flowers.

Sirianni's night out comes two weeks after the Eagles' 38-35 to the Chiefs at Super Bowl LVII.


In his second season as HC and with developing QB Jalen Hurts at the helm of the offense, the Eagles went 14-3 during the season; destroyed the NFC East-rival New York Giants in the Divisional Round; easily handled the Niners in the conference championship round; and played competitive ball in the Super Bowl.

Aside from a lackluster second-half performance by the Philadelphia's defense, coming off a 70-sack regular season, the Eagles hung in against Andy Reid's team and played at a championship level.

Sirianni may have missed out on a Coach of the Year award but he's certainly deserving of the Coolest Coach in the NFL title.

Perhaps he was drinking to the Dallas Cowboys' demise. Who knows.