Dak Prescott Installs Backyard Practice Field At His Already Incredible Texas House

If you're a Cowboys fan who's worried about Dak Prescott leaving the team via free agency, you should feel a little bit better about his chances of staying after what we now know about his backyard transformation that includes a 55-yard field with a 10-yard endzone. It turns out we got a look at Dak Prescott's new backyard earlier this summer via a photo from his girlfriend Natalie Buffett, but at the time it wasn't clear where the couple took their relationship announcement shot.

Now, thanks to ESPN, we know it's Dak's balcony. That's Dak's practice field and Dak's pool with a nice place to have the guys over to talk life.

The practice field was installed by the "same company the Cowboys used to install their fields at AT&T Stadium and The Star," according to ESPN. The field features a D4K logo, "faith" across the end zone and "silhouette of Prescott pointing to the sky in tribute to his late mother, Peggy, makes up the "A."

The practice field was ready to go in June and Prescott was able to work with teammates, then hit the pool and, according to CeeDee Lamb, there's also a golf hole where you can hit shots.

Does this look like a guy who's looking to leave Dallas to you? I've seen many backyard setups from athletes over the last decade and Dak is clearly not playing games with a practice field installation. I'm not a realtor, but I know enough to understand the resale value on a backyard football field featuring your logo is like a pool -- you're not getting the money back. Never forget wives out there want an amazing kitchen and bathroom.

My prediction: the guy's not leaving in free agency in 2021. Take it to the bank.

If the backyard doesn't get you excited, the golf simulator, theater, bar, billiards room floor isn't too bad. It's no wonder Dak's teammates like hanging out at his place. I would too.

via Zillow

via Zillow

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