Colts Players Are Fed Up With Their QB Situation

The Indianapolis Colts franchise was once again in disarray this past season as the team missed the playoffs for the sixth time in the past eight years.

One of the biggest - or perhaps THE biggest concern for some of the players has been the quarterback carousel the team experienced this past season.

At least for Colts tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

Speaking with The Athletic on Monday, Alie-Cox didn't hold back his thoughts on why not having a consistent quarterback led to the team's disastrous season.

The Colts finished at 4-12 and used three different quarterbacks.

Alie-Cox went on to explain what it's like having to work with a different person throwing the ball every week to the players, and why it's incredibly difficult to get things rolling.

“Cadences are different with three different quarterback. Their timing’s different. Everyone wants you to run your route a different way. We’re changing plays every week. Each quarterback likes their own plays, so we have to change plays," Alie-Cox told The Athletic.

And he's exactly right.


Football is a game of literal milliseconds, especially for the quarterback. As soon as the quarterback takes the snap, he only has a few seconds before he's about to get absolutely rocked by a linebacker wanting to take his head off. If the players he's trying to throw to are running different routes, or aren't in sync with where he's going to throw the ball, it's going to be a mess. Just look at the Indianapolis Colts!

The quarterback and his receivers need to be on the same page mentally. They need to be that 1-2 combo, the equivalent of Stockton-to-Malone in the NBA where Stockton would just toss the ball up in the air and Malone would alley-oop it.

You need to trust your teammates, and clearly that wasn't there, at least according to Alie-Cox.


Since Andrew Luck retired in 2019, the Colts haven't been able to significantly fill the most important position on the field. They had Philip Rivers who ended up going 11-5 but then he retired. Carson Wentz didn't do anything last year, while this year the Colts used Matt Ryan who was not the same quarterback from the Atlanta Falcons anymore.

In addition to Ryan, the Colts used Nick Foles and Sam Ehlinger. And you're wondering why the team finished 4-12?

The Colts organization needs to listen to their players and figure out the quarterback situation. Hopefully they'll do that in the NFL Draft, where the team has the 4th overall pick.