Cole Beasley Is Neither Anti-Vax Nor Pro-Vax, And Keith Olbermann Is Offended (Shocker!)

Believe it or not, Keith Olbermann is offended! After Bills receiver Cole Beasley stood up for personal choice, Mr. Mask himself became so enraged that he decided to tweet Beasley IN ALL CAPS!

Along with concern for younger players who end up cut because they are unvaccinated, Beasley cited a lack of information about the vaccine, player safety and pressure from agents as among the reasons he's not comfortable with the NFL's vaccination stance. Having this much logic crammed into one statement was too much to keep Olbermann from throwing a tantrum:

To be clear, grown baby,, Keith Olbermann is deeply offended that someone thinks personal choice should be an option for a citizen of the United States of America.

Fortunately, non-woke social media users have spent the evening providing Olbermann with enough content to trigger additional ALL CAPS REPLIES!

Maybe someone (masked, of course) in the New York area can hurry over to Olbermann's home and get his caps lock key some ibuprofen and a bag of ice. It's likely in for A LONG NIGHT!