Clay Travis On Kyler Murray: 'Big Error In Judgment'

Cardinals QB Kyler Murray wants a raise. Most of us do. But most of us don't use an agent to send our employer a ransom note disguised as an "incredible commitment" to the company and the community at large.

We're not Kyler Murray, though.

Like many who have read it, OutKick founder Clay Travis found Murray's statement to be a "big error in judgment."

Take a listen:

Clay also gives other reasons why Murray's letter is as egregious as his two interceptions in the NFC Wild Card Game:

"The statement was far too long. Secondly, there was no reason to send the statement. Third, Kyler Murray has not proven necessarily, that he deserves a monster contract. The likes of which other top players are getting."

As Travis notes, though Murray has sometimes been spectacular, he's also been downright bad at other moments. He's thrown more than twice as many touchdowns as interceptions (70 to 34), but Arizona is just 22-23-1 in games with Murray as the starter.

Citing statistics from Warren Sharp, Travis pointed out that Arizona has "won zero playoff games" and has just "one winning season" with Murray as the starter.

Clay then circled back to the questionable press release sent out by the quarterback's agent.

"This release that he put out, really is strange," said Travis. "All caps, way too long. And to me, makes it look like, even more, that (Murray) is actually a malcontent that is not the kind of player that you can build a championship team around."

Even in the offseason, Murray still has trouble hitting his target.


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