Chiefs, Patriots Care Tests Look Promising For Monday Clearance, CoronaBros Unite

Update: 11:00am ET: The Patriots and Chiefs are set to play on Monday night, according to a report from Adam Schefter.

The Patriots and Chiefs game has been temporarily postponed -- but both teams are hoping that the game will happen on Monday, or Tuesday.

Ian Rapoport tweeted that things are looking good for that situation to happen, saying: "The Chiefs and Patriots, still with plans to play Monday or Tuesday, are doing point of care tests this morning. Both teams have been clear since the two positives reported on Saturday morning."

While most logical humans will see that as a good thing, the folks who continue to be killjoys and root for the failure of sports almost immediately weighed in.

Blue-check brigade member Brian Floyd came to the immediate decrying of the situation: "We’re not even into beginning of when players would start to test positive if they were exposed. The very front edge of that would land ... Monday or Tuesday, and could stretch into late next week."

More have followed, but it was as predictable as every reaction from Karen Rovell or Dan Woken.

According to a medical doctor (image that, listening to a doctor), Chasing the Positive is not the answer to keeping this contained.

Of course the data and the science that shows that people playing in the NFL are about the least likely to have any longterm negative effects and a near-zero chance of death.

Here is the latest from Rapoport, as of 10:00am ET on Sunday.