Cardinals Rookie Finds Out J.J. Watt Retired While High On Pain Meds After Wisdom Teeth Removal, Has Just One Request

JJ Watt's decision to retire came as quite the surprise to most everyone. While the 33-year-old was bound to hang up his cleats soon, there were very few people who expected it to be now.

Not even Kliff Kingsbury nor the Cardinals knew that Watt's decision was coming.

Nonetheless, he is set to retire at the end of this season. Sunday marked his final home game in the league, on any team, and it made for an extremely emotional postgame moment.

It also made for a hilarious exchange between Watt and one of Arizona's rookies, Jesse Luketa. Luketa, a seventh-round pick out of Penn State, got his wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Watt announced his retirement. Immediately after doing so, his phone exploded.

Everybody and their mother wanted to congratulate Watt on an incredible career, or something of that nature. His phone was buzzing non-stop.

And then he got a FaceTime call from a number he did not know.

JJ Watt did not answer

Little did he know, it was Luketa, who was all hopped up on pain meds after his surgery. The first thing that the oral surgeons said when he came up out of his slumber, was that his teammate had retired.

That led to a vary funny, incoherent voice text, in which the rookie had just one request. He wants a jersey at the end of the season.

While that might seem like a simple ask, Watt said that it was not— at all.

"He was high off his ass," the veteran defensive end said.

Watt doesn't have permission, yet, to share the audio, his retelling is equally as funny.

Luketa came to it later in the evening and apologized for the voice message, but made it clear that he still wants Watt's jersey!