Cardinals Lineman Scolds Media Right To Their Faces With F-Bombs, Finger-Wags

Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman Justin Pugh took a blowtorch to the local media members after Sunday's loss to Philadelphia, and he did it right to their faces.

Coming to the defense of kicker Matt Ammendola after he missed what would've been a game-tying field goal in the waning seconds, Pugh eviscerated the media scrum huddled around the kicker's after the game.

"It's not one f*cking guy," Pugh said as he interrupted Ammendola's post-game presser. "I missed a block, we missed touchdowns, we had the ball and should've been able to score. It's not one f*cking guy. Everyone's waiting around for one guy to come back here and it f*cking ain't right ... It's not right."

Pugh then wags his finger at the media once more before patting Ammendola on the shoulder, telling him to keep his head up.

Here's the full exchange:

Justin Pugh says plenty of blame to go around after Cardinals loss

That, boys and girls, is what we call a leader of men.

And, by the way, Pugh ain't wrong.

Should Ammendola have made a relatively basic 43-yard field goal? Sure. Absolutely. But he should have NEVER had to kick that ball.

Kyler Murray inexplicably slid before the first down marker on second down, and then spiked the ball to stop the clock, setting up a 4th and 1 with 22 seconds left.

Because the Cardinals were out of timeouts, they had to settle for the field goal, which Ammendola then pushed wide right.

There are a ton of people who deserve blame after that debacle. Ammendola is certainly one of them for pushing a pretty easy field goal, but he's probably far down on the list.

Good on Pugh for coming to his kicker's defense. Although, to be fair, it's also pretty reasonable for the media to want to question him after missing a standard kick that would've tied the score.

In any event, it's always fun to see a couple f-bombs and finger-wags hurled at the media by an angry athlete. This wasn't exactly Terrell Owens defending Tony Romo, but it was close!

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