Bud Dupree's Walgreens Alleged Assault Video Has Been Released

Video allegedly showing Tennessee Titans linebacker Bud Dupree participating in an altercation at a Nashville Walgreens has surfaced. The video, obtained by Broadway Sports Media, is at the center of a case that started Sunday night. Metro Nashville Police announced Tuesday that Dupree would be issued a misdemeanor assault citation over this incident.

The dispute reportedly occurred when a male employee began taking video of Dupree with a cellphone. Police reported that a 20-year-old store employee was treated for a cut on his forehead while a 21-year-old female employee was treated for a cut to her hand.

Dupree can be seen in the video wearing a tan tracksuit and trying to get his friends to leave the store. At this point, it's unclear what happened before the cellphone began recording or if this is the video police used to issue the citation to Dupree.

WKRN sports reporter Emily Proud outlines the case against Dupree.

"Citation states a group of ppl entered the store & got in a verbal argument w/ the victim. They left & came back w/ Dupree," Proud tweeted. "Dupree then grabbed the victim & his phone. They got into a physical altercation before Dupree left."

In the video, it appears Dupree orders two men to "take his phone," in reference to the person recording the altercation.

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