Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Slams Hue Jackson & It's An Absolute Curb Stomping

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam wasn't playing games Thursday when he metaphorically murdered Hue Jackson during an interview with the Knox News. It was Jackson, this week, who insinuated the Browns paid him "a good number" to lose football games when he was the team's head coach.

“Hue Jackson has never ever accepted any responsibility for our record during that time period,” Haslam told the outlet. “He’s been masterful at pointing fingers, but has never accepted any blame. I have accepted a ton of blame, and rightfully so.

"There are a lot of things I could’ve done better. Hue has never accepted blame for one thing.”

Jackson claimed via tweets that Haslam "was happy while we kept losing" and "Trust me it was a good number" that he was being paid to lose.

Haslam told the Knox News, "Unequivocally, Hue Jackson was never paid to lose games," adding that what Jackson is spreading is an "absolute falsehood" and that Haslam definitely wasn't laughing about losing.

Hue is back in the head coaching ranks. In December, he was named Grambling State's head coach. His NFL coaching record sits at 11-44-1.

It's hard to believe Hue even needs a job after all that losing and all that bonus money he was allegedly making from Haslam. The guy must not have invested it.

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