Browns Myles Garrett On Ravens Backup QB: Tyler Huntley Is Like 'Chicken Doused In Honey'

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson got hurt two weeks ago and missed this past Sunday's game. Tyler Huntley started that contest but suffered a head injury. But Huntley will start this week, while Jackson is out again. And Browns edge rusher Myles Garrett knows Huntley can play.

The Browns have had quarterback issues of their own. Deshaun Watson returned from an 11-game suspension in Week 13. Cleveland defeated the Houston Texans in his return, but that was thanks to three touchdowns from the defense and special teams.

Last week, the Browns lost to Cincinnati. Watson did not play particularly well in that contest, either. Through two games, his completion percentage is under 60% and his passer rating is 70.2. He has thrown more interceptions (2) than touchdowns (1).

Seemingly, it helps the Browns to not face Lamar Jackson. But Myles Garrett says Cleveland understands that backup Tyler Huntley is not a pushover.

“God damn, he’s fast. It felt like you were trying to chase down a chicken doused in honey. This guy is athletically one of the top guys in the league,” Garrett said, according to ESPN Ravens reporter Jamison Hensley.

Now, I am not familiar with this turn-of-phrase. It does seem as though Garrett is trying to compliment Huntley.

However, wouldn't honey make him easier to tackle? Garrett probably meant something a little less viscous and a little more slippery, like canola oil.

Although, a chicken doused in canola oil sounds pretty delicious. Pop that sucker in a frying pan and call it dinner.

And speaking of honey, dipping chicken tenders or nuggets in honey is a massively underrated way to enjoy chicken.

Sorry, what were we talking about?