Browns, Beckham Expected To Part Ways Friday

Rollercoaster, train wreck, it whatever you'd like. Just don't call Odell Beckham Jr.'s time in Cleveland anything other than bumpy -- and the ride now appears to be coming to an end. According to a report late Thursday, the Browns are expected to release Beckham on Friday, ending his two-and-a-half-year stint in Cleveland.

Per ProFootballTalk, the "plan" for Cleveland is to release OBJ as long as the team and receiver can mutually agree to reduce the salary the team still owes him. Both parties anticipate a deal will get done. This would serve as a win-win. Beckham will likely go unclaimed on waivers and Cleveland removes the headache from their locker room.

Should Beckham clear waivers, as expected, he'll become an unrestricted free agent who can then sign with any team he chooses.

The Browns-Beckham divorce seemed likely, if not necessary after OBJ's dad criticized quarterback Baker Mayfield in an 11-minute video several days ago. Papa Beckham's screen grabs made his son look like a modern-day version of Jerry Rice and Mayfield like a passer best suited to run Navy's offense.

Beckham's Cleveland tenure will end with more hype than production. He'll exit Cleveland with 114 catches for 1,586 yards and just seven touchdowns over nearly three seasons. Whether those numbers are the fault of the quarterback, the coach, or someone else is up for debate, but Beckham likely won't blame himself.

In any case, Beckham is still a performer, and he'll likely take his circus act elsewhere sometime soon.

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