Al Michaels Tells The Haters To Zip It After Botching Chargers-Jaguars Call

Poor Al Michaels.

Our man had to sit through a miserable Thursday night slate of games for months, finally got to call a good game thanks to a sneaky deal with NBC, and is now getting lit up like a Christmas tree for botching the final moments of Saturday's Chargers-Jaguars instant classic.

But guess what, you Keyboard Warriors ... 78-year-old Al Michaels doesn't give a crap what you think, say or do!

"Very happy," Michaels texted Andrew Marchand of the NY Post after the game. "Had never worked with Tony (Dungy) and it felt extremely comfortable. Was like doing two different games. First half/second half. Tons of fascinating strategy. Nothing like postseason in any sport. Must have gotten a hundred texts from folks who were very happy to see me back on NBC.

"Read some comments that we didn’t sound excited enough. Internet compost! You know me as well as anyone - no screaming, no yelling, no hollering. It’s TELEVISION! Ellipses and captions are when pictures tell the story. I’m not doing a game for over-the-top YouTube hits."

Al Michaels screws the pooch on game-winning Jaguars kick

Get 'em, Al! The haters can keep crying till the cows come home, Al Michaels does not care. He's a legend of the game, a Hall of Famer, and can do, say - and sound - however he wants.

Now, to be fair ...

His call of the game-winning field goal was one of the worst things I've ever heard. If I was a Jags fan, I'd be irate. Those are the moments you literally wait your entire life for as a sports fan, and the ones you watch on YouTube 500 times a year.

Seriously. I think I've re-watched David Ortiz's grand slam in the 2013 ALCS no less than 1,000 times. Can't get enough of it, and Joe Buck nails the call.

Al Michaels - and it wasn't completely his fault - did not nail this call.

My God. Yuck. It's not Al's fault there was a flag thrown, but can't you just ignore it, call the game-winning kick like it's not Week 4 of the preseason, and if you have to do it over, so be it? I don't get it.

Why was he SO obsessed with the flag? Nine times out of 10 a non-pre-snap flag on a kick is going against the defense. If I know this, Al Michaels certainly does.

Anyway, what's done is done. Al's nailed millions of calls in his life, so he gets a pass here.

Plus, it gave us this gem, which was laugh out loud funny.

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