Aaron Rodgers Begins Airing Grievances, Unloads On Packers Organization

Aaron Rodgers wasted little time laying down the ground rules as to how things are going to work for the Packers in 2021. His first order of business Wednesday while meeting with the media was to make it known the guys come to Green Bay to play with him, not to spend time at local hotspots like Lake Michigan beaches or some golf destination.

"Green Bay isn't a huge vacation destination. People are coming here to play with me," Rodgers explained.

The reigning NFL MVP also made sure to take a shot at the NFL media while he was on a roll, saying "the media loves to make stories when there's not enough content out there." Look, nobody and I mean nobody in the NFL loves drama like Aaron Rodgers loves drama. The guy spent the entire offseason talking about his situation like a 15-year-old girl going through boy problems. His fiancée was in on it. Her mom was in on it. For him to act like this is all some fabricated story from the media is pure insanity. The guy has been doing this offseason drama bit for the last 5-7 years at least.

We've had Rodgers drama with Danica Patrick. We've had Olivia Munn seemingly taking a brutal shot at the guy, even though she wouldn't confirm it 100%. The guy goes out this year during his MVP speech and announces he's engaged, even though his future wife has never been to a Packers game.

Shall I go on?

What should we take from today's press conference? It sure sounds like if you want to see Rodgers play for the Packers one final time, you'd better reserve a hotel & make a vacation out of it. As George Straight wrote in a poem, "I ain't here for a long time, I'm here for a good time" and the good times have clearly run out for Rodgers and Packers.

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