49ers Could Play Home Games Here

The San Francisco 49ers have to find a location to host home games after Santa Clara County, where their facilities are located, banned contact sports through December 21.

According to Ian Rapoport, State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, is the most likely option.

"The league would like the 49ers to play in an NFL stadium if possible," Rapoport adds. "Another option is for the 49ers to play at a stadium in Texas.

"As for practice, there are still several options to consider. They could practice in Arizona and stay in a hotel for a month in a pseudo bubble. Another possibility would be to practice more than 150 miles away from their region -- allowing those with the team to see their families from time to time -- then travel to their new 'home' stadium."

The Bills, Football Team, and Seahawks are the 49ers' three remaining home opponents.

Okay, I'll ask the question: Do you trust a division rival's stadium? Could be a trap. 2020 gets weirder.

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