NFL Weather Report This Weekend: Players, Fans Will Freeze Because It Will Be Cold As $#it Everywhere

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If a bone-chilling weather report promising numb noses and frozen feet is your thing, then head out to an NFL game this weekend.

The league is about to serve up its coldest weekend of the season on Christmas Eve.

How does feels-like temperatures of minus-9 or minus-2 strike you? How does heading to the game in minus-15 temperatures make you feel?

That’s how it’s going to be in multiple NFL venues Saturday.

NFL Weather report calls for below zero feels-like temperatures.
Stadium workers in Buffalo last weekend. (Getty Images)

Bills Used To Cold, But This Cold?

The Buffalo Bills, perhaps the NFL’s king of cold weather games, will play their coldest game of the season but it won’t be in Buffalo. The Bills travel to Soldier Field in Chicago.

And the Windy City forecast for Saturday afternoon is 10 degrees, with feels-like temperatures of minus-9. It actually could be colder because Soldier Field sits on the shores of Lake Michigan and the wind can cut like a knife.

The winds in Chicago on Saturday are expected to gust to 39 MPH.

So, your choice is layering up to watch Justin Fields from the stands. Or in front of a toasty fire at home.

The Cleveland Browns play on the shores of Lake Eerie and you know where this is going. Saturday’s weather is forecast to be around 10 degrees with the feels-like temperatures expected to hit minus-9. And, again, the wind will gust to 37 MPH.

NFL weather sometimes leads to craziness.
Pittsburgh Steelers shirtless fan. (Getty Images)

Steelers And Raiders Gonna Freeze

The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t play near a frigid lake but Acrisure Stadium is on the shores of three rivers and it won’t be surprising if parts of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio rivers are frozen.

That’s because the Raiders and Steelers will play in 10-degree temperatures with the feels like forecast at minus-2.

The Raiders play in Las Vegas. In a dome stadium.

So three games will be played in below-zero feels-like temperatures. Cool.

The Minnesota Vikings play outside in the Metrodome inside at US Bank Stadium. So the temperature for the New York Giants’ visit will be a balmy 72 degrees. But getting to the game will be interesting.

The temperatures in the greater Minneapolis area Saturday are forecast at 3 degrees. And the feels-like is expected at minus-15.

NFL Cold But Not Intolerable Venues

None of these venues are expecting snow this weekend so at least there won’t be ice on the road — we think.

The good news is those below-zero temperatures make the freezing temperatures forecast at other NFL games seem warm by comparison.

The Texans visit the Titans in what is expected to be 12-degree feels-like temps.

The Bengals will play at New England in 16-degree feels-like temps.

Seattle will visit the Chiefs and they’ll play in 5-degree feels-like temps. At least it’ll be sunny.

The Dolphins enjoy warmest weather in NFL.
Miami Dolphins quarterbacks coach Darrell Bevell and QB Tua Tagovailoa. (Getty Images)

Only NFL Venue Above Freezing Saturday

The outlier in all this? Miami, of course.

The Dolphins will host the Green Bay Packers Sunday night and although it be glacial by South Florida standards it will also be the only game not at a venue that is below freezing outside.

It’ll be 54 degrees at Hard Rock Stadium.

The Dolphins are managing a three-game losing skid. But they’ll be laughing at the rest of the NFL this weekend.

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