NFL Using Carrot Of Relaxed Regulations To Entice Vaccinations

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The NFL said it won’t require COVID-19 vaccines, but it’s offering clubs an incentive to have vaccinated players and staff.

“It is also anticipated that clubs that achieve a certain rate of vaccination among its tiered staff and players may be permitted to relax restrictions that apply to meetings, mealtime and use of locker rooms,” a memo sent to clubs Wednesday reads.

The memo, obtained by NFL insider Tom Pelissero, says teams should gather sufficient COVID testing supplies to be able to test daily before April 19.

In the memo, organizations are told to prepare to conduct meetings virtually — “at least during the early phase of the program” — when offseason programs begin April 19, but the same virtual workout program is not expected.

Courtesy of @TomPelissero.

Sorry, Gronk. You’re going to have to run your sprints for real — get ready to see players on the field this spring.

The memo also asks each team’s infection control officers to compile a list of vaccinated players and staff.

The protocols “will be amended in the coming months to eliminate a number of significant restrictions for vaccinated individuals,” including daily testing.

The memo was sent to chief executives, club presidents, general managers, head coaches, head team physicians, head athletic trainers, club infection control officers and club counsel on Wednesday.

Written by Megan Turner

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  1. What danger would unvaccinated people be to vaccinated people that requires unvaccinated people to remain under restrictions? Who’s giving it to who in that scenario? They apparently DO think we’re this stupid.

  2. BUTT hare’ doctor Fauci says vaccines and masks together make life better.

    major sports will ask the average fan to pay $100 for a ticket ($250 in blue states), $150-200 for a vaccine, then wear a mask anyway in order to attend a game where you are gonna cheer for players that kneel and think fans are racist?

    this is major sports plan?

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