Sean Payton Breaks Down How Microchip Technology Will Be Used In NFL After League Casually Revealed Chip In Balls

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It is the year 2023, but the NFL continues to make crucial field position decisions based on orange sticks and eyeballs. Sean Payton says that may not be the case much longer.

Earlier this year, the league casually revealed that there is in fact a microchip inside of the footballs. It came after Tyler Huntley had the ball knocked loose for a 99-yard fumble return touchdown during Super Wild Card weekend.

While this has apparently been the case for a few years, it was new news to the majority of fans.

While it seems like using the microchip to determine field position and where to spot the ball would be a no-brainer, the technology isn’t quite there yet. The microchip can only get within about six inches of exact measurements, which could make or break a call in a big spot.

However, even with the inaccuracies, the microchip could allow the NFL to get things to a more exact measurement than just an estimate.

Sean Payton spoke about what the microchip can do for the game today and how he expects it to be used in the future. He says that there is a huge opportunity to use ‘zebra’ technology with punts out of bounds and goal line situations.

Payton also explained all of the ways that the league and its organizations already use the microchip to break down various stats and metrics, and even pulled one out of his pocket! The microchip can chart exactly where a field goal went through the uprights, among other things, but is not yet being used to make in-game decisions.

While the sticks and chains are forever ingrained in football, they might soon be a thing of the past. Payton believes that the league is heading toward increased usage of microchips!

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