NFL Hot Seat: Who Goes First Between Dan Quinn, Adam Gase, Matt Patricia, And Bill O’Brien

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There are a boatload of brutal NFL coaches and we wanted to at least try and figure out who gets shown the door first. Here is our list of candidates for this year’s edition of “Who Goes First?”

Dan Quinn, Adam Gase, Matt Patricia, and Bill O’Brien.

Last out the door

Matt Patricia is likely to hang onto his job the longest since he’s coaching a veteran quarterback that hasn’t had much winning outside of Fantasy scoring. Patricia had Stafford performing well last year, but injuries derailed the season. 16 TD’s with just five picks and a 106 passer rating has to amount to SOME credit for Patricia. Taking down the second-year sensation Kyler Murray is yet another defense for the third-year Lions coach.

Scheduling is doing Matt Patricia quite the favor as they prepare for Jacksonville and Atlanta after next week’s battle with New Orleans. When you’re fighting for your job, sometimes elements outside your control like scheduling and health can save you.

3rd Place

Bill O’Brien coaches Deshaun Watson and that guy alone can win football games regardless of who’s in his ear. Reality is that Houston played Kansas City, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh so who was expecting winning football? Plenty could argue those opening three weeks are almost unfair to any team starting a season.

Watson is likely to take back his seat as an NFL star matched up with Minnesota and Jacksonville the next two weeks. Those defenses aren’t close to what Houston saw the first three weeks and it’ll show immediately. Expect at least two wins the next couple games that’ll get Bill O’Brien off the hot seat for the time being.


Dan Quinn has been a complete embarrassment to the National Football League in every sense of the word. Collapsing against Dallas in week 2 was a fireable offense in itself, but week 3’s loss is just dismal. What is it about this franchise that shrinks like a Target T-shirt after a dominant first half?

It’s not necessarily the job Dan Quinn does throughout game that deserves firing, but what he does in winning time. His clock management is consistently lacking and the team has no clue how to run an offense with a lead. Even if this franchise started winning, would you trust Dan Quinn in any playoff game with the game on the line? Dan is a decent coach that immediately forgets his game plan when the game gets hard.

The play of Atlanta before the 4th quarter should buy him enough time to outlast some of these other coaches.

We have a winner!

Adam Gase is the worst coach in the NFL and it’s not even up for debate. Gase looked like a failure in his introductory press conference and hasn’t recovered since. Most NFL executives were excited for the future of Sam Darnold (who has shown flashes) and no strides have been made.

This entire team is failing and they do absolutely nothing well on a football field to warrant Adam Gase sticking as head coach. Winning in the NFL is obviously difficult, but the New York Jets have no momentum towards that goal. This franchise somehow did nothing to improve the roster around Sam Darnold but they have one move they could make to change that: Fire Adam Gase on sight!

Sam Darnold and the entire Jets fanbase deserves better and that can’t happen until Adam Gase and is Dexter Morgan look exit the building.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Will someone please name me a QB out of USC that has had success in the national felon league besides Carson Palmer who was decent. We had Matt Leinart here in the AZ and i just knew how that would go not very good at all will see how Darnold does but history is not in his favor.

  2. I looked back at USC’s top QBs from the past. Some promising, but not much success transferred to the NFL. Outside of Palmer, there’s Cassel, Peete, Salisbury, Sanchez, Leinart etc. Their records speak for themselves.

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