NFL Hires Obama-Era Attorney General Loretta Lynch To Fight Brian Flores Discrimination Lawsuit

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Loretta Lynch, the former U.S. attorney general appointed by President Obama, has been hired by the NFL to defend the shield against the Brian Flores discrimination lawsuit, according to reports.

It will be Lynch, who is a partner at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, who will partner up with the law firm’s chairman, Brad Karp, to battle against Flores’ legal team, Bloomberg reported Wednesday night.

In his lawsuit against the NFL, Flores is accusing the organization of pervasive racial bias and has named three teams — the Broncos, Dolphins and New York Giants — as defendants.

Now, in quite a twist, it will be Lynch, the first black woman appointed to head the Justice Department, who will be defending Roger Goodell’s shield and those who’ve been accused of racial bias in hiring practices.

Loretta Lynch NFL discrimination lawsuit
The NFL hired Loretta Lynch, the former U.S. attorney general under President Obama, to fight the Brian Flores discrimination lawsuit / Getty Images

As expected, the Lynch news sent social media experts into a frenzy over the news that a black woman would take such an assignment. In February, OutKick’s Armando Salguero outlined why Flores would have an uphill battle on his hands, whether against Lynch or any other legal team.

The New York Giants also believe Flores is in for a battle that will include using his own words against him, especially the CBS interview he did the morning after announcing the lawsuit.

“In his CBS interview [Wednesday], Mr. Flores was asked if ‘clubs have the right to hire the person they think is the best qualified for the job or the person they feel is right for them?’ Mr. Flores responded, ‘They do. That’s very reasonable to me…’ That is exactly what we did.”

Salguero then pointed out that Flores’ 2021 staff included 15 whites and five black employees. Flores hired four offensive coordinators during his time with the Dolphins and three were white.

There’s more.

Of the four offensive line coaches Flores hired during his tenure, three were white.

How about his quarterback or assistant quarterback hires? Three of the four were white.

That didn’t stop the social media mob from focusing on the fact that a black woman would defend the NFL against the discrimination lawsuit.

“This is the same Loretta Lynch who was hired by BlackRock then worked for McDonald’s in a suit against black franchise owners. So her working on behalf of the NFL isn’t surprising. She’s a really, really s—-y person,” one social media expert wrote.

One observer, who didn’t bother to look at Flores’ own hiring practices, shared his opinion on the matter.

“The NFL can’t hire Black head coaches, but they can hire former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to defend them in the race discrimination case filed by Brian Flores,” the Twitter user wrote.

Lynch was previously hired by the NFL to look into misconduct allegations against Daniel Snyder.

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