NFL Fines Saints’ Alvin Kamara $5k For Christmas Cleats

In today’s episode of “How Can The NFL Be More Tone Deaf Than They Were Yesterday,” the NFL has fined Saints star Alvin Kamara $5,000 for his Christmas cleats. We wish we could say this was a shock, but commissioner Roger Goodell has a bad habit of focusing on nonsense.

Luckily for humanity, Kamara fired back.

“If they fine me, I’ll just match it and send it to charity. The Grinch always tries to steal Christmas.”

Is Roger Goodell the Grinch in this Christmas story? Sure feels like it.

When a fine becomes public, the NFL has to take a step back and ask themselves what the purpose of it is. They are clearly fining Kamara because they don’t want players sprinting out of the tunnel in controversial cleats. Colin Kaepernick brought a lot of negative attention to the league when he wore socks showing cops dressed as pigs. It’s understandable that the league wants to avoid another such incident, but didn’t they see Christmas colors and think to pump the brakes?

The NFL somehow made themselves less likable today than they were yesterday, and that’s saying quite a bit. Some things are worth more than 5,000 bucks. For Kamara, the Christmas spirit is priceless.


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  1. His cleats were the first thing I noticed, and I said to my husband, how cool is that?!! Obviously too cool for Goodell.

    (Disclosure: I boo every single time Goodell takes the mic at the draft. Every. Single. Time.)

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