NFL Draft Perks: Sex Worker Offers Freebie To Top Pick

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The first overall pick in tonight’s NFL Draft is poised to receive more than just instant fame and millions of dollars. Numero Uno, should he so choose, will also be given the option of partaking in “premium erotic services at no charge.”

Roxanne Price, a licensed sex worker at the Chicken Brothel Ranch just outside of Las Vegas where this year’s NFL Draft will be held, would be the one supplying the free services. Price, 27, told TMZ Sports that the Draft has brought so much revenue to employees of the brothel, she feels compelled to give back.

“The least I can do is offer the top draft pick the most valuable thing I possess, my premium erotic services at no charge,” said Price.

Just when we thought all hope was lost in this crazy world, Price steps up and delivers. If some of this weekend’s prospects had half the commitment to excellence that Price does, they’d hear their names called much sooner.

Should Aidan Hutchinson, Trevon Walker, Ickey Ekwonu, or any other potential top pick accept Price’s gift, the NFL will be pleased to hear that Ms. Price is fully vaccinated. Her Twitter bio also maintains she is discreet and professional. So there’s no need to worry about the services rendered being leaked to the media. Ms. Price doesn’t kiss and tell.

Realizing the top selection will be saddled with plenty of post-pick obligations, Price offers a flexible schedule in addition to companionship. She told TMZ her charitable services won’t be limited to this weekend. If need be, both the player selected and Price can arrange a future date that better aligns with his schedule.

“It’s my way of saying ‘Thank you’ to the athletes that inspire us all,” added Price.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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