NFL Draft Fan Set Up By Rachel Bonnetta, Gets Denied On TV

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The NFL Draft is about rolling the dice. Make an educated guess, shoot your shot, hope for the best.

While in Vegas for the Draft, an Eagles fan decided to do some gambling of his own – shooting a shot at NFL Network reporter Rachel Bonnetta. Not unlike most of us who have spent a weekend in Sin City, the Philly Fan walked away empty-handed.

Bonnetta was live from the Draft when she asked Jamie, an Eagles fan, who he was excited to see. Face painted silver and green whilst wearing shoulder pads and sporting a green mohawk, Jamie answered: “The fans have been amazing, the draft picks have been great, but I’ve been waiting all this time to see you.”


To be fair, the interview appeared to be negotiated ahead of time, as is normally the case for tv networks seeking material to discuss during the mundane late rounds of the drafts.

Surprising as it may seem, Bonnetta played her role perfectly, showing little interest. Turns out, women aren’t really into adults who paint their face, own a pair of shoulder pads and spend their weekend’s standing for hours, waiting to hear someone utter the name of a 22-year-old offensive tackle into a microphone.

Watch the awkwardness unfold below.

Upon hearing Jamie’s poorly attempted pickup line Bonnetta cringed, appeared to (maybe) throw up a little in her mouth, and responded: “Wow…take that (passing what appears to be a $5 bill to Jamie – a staged joke that veered down an unforeseen road?).” Upon doing so, she quickly distanced herself from the Philly fan – displaying the type of lateral quickness more commonly associated with first round selections.

Scripted or not, you have to at least applaud face paint man’s effort. You can’t score if you don’t shoot.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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