NFL Dedicates Home Page to George Floyd Today

Sports have a role in times of tragedy. To most, sports talk and highlights are meaningless on a day following a school shooting in Texas. But to others, sports are their only escape, a distraction from the greater sorrows.

Unfortunately, the NFL chose not to provide an escape on Wednesday. Instead, has dedicated its homepage to — wait for it — George Floyd, who died two years ago today. 

The anniversary of Floyd’s death, not football or a massacre not even a day old, is the NFL’s focus right now.

Take a look:

The NFL is the only major sports site to feature Floyd’s death as its lede. At the time of publication, ESPN, the NBA, MLB, NHL, and CBS Sports do not have a mention of Floyd on their homepage.

Why would they? Sports sites hardly cover an athlete’s death two years later.

The NFL wasn’t going for the “bigger than football” idea here. If it were, it would have covered the Texas shooting. It didn’t. And that’s telling.

See, the NFL is using this opportunity to pander to the social justice crowd that’s no longer on its side.

Because critics so aggressively accused the NFL of white supremacy during the latest coaching cycle, the league has calculated that taking a day out of each year to celebrate George Floyd, whose death is associated with perceived racism, could be proof that the NFL is not a racist organization.

Wednesday, broken-hearted readers turned to for an escape from a disturbing event that saw a monster murder children. Understandably, people needed that diversion. However, is far from a place of fun and distraction right now. It looks more like Slate and CNN and Twitter.

The NFL is virtue signaling by capitalizing on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. That is both pathetic and predictable.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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