NFL Considering Indefinite Suspension, Minimum One-Year Ban, For Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson: Report

Leading up to a meeting between Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson, the NFLPA, and NFL lead disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson scheduled for Tuesday, a source with USA Today revealed that the League is preparing to recommend an indefinite suspension, minimum one-year ban, for Watson as he deals with ongoing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Though two Texas grand juries declined criminal charges against Watson in May, the NFL remained pursuant to investigating the allegations and issuing discipline exclusive of the juries’ respective decisions.

On Monday, a day before the hearing, a new lawsuit emerged aimed at Watson and the Houston Texans.

The new details clearly defined Watson’s behavior as criminal and “predatory” for selectively booking massage therapists, with whom he’d frequently request sexual favors, also indecently exposing himself before some women.

The lawsuit stated that Watson’s behavior gradually worsened with every appointment. He tallied 66 appointments between 2019-2021.

Also included in the new litigation is the Texans’ apparent knowledge of the activity at the time.

The team’s involvement reportedly stemmed from their connection to a Houston hotel where Watson hosted some inappropriate sessions and for supplying Watson with an NDA after one woman threatened to go public with seemingly incriminating Instagram DMs.

On June 21, Tony Buzbee — the lawyer that represented 24 women alleging sexual misconduct and abuse against the 26-year-old QB — announced that 20 victims settled with Watson.

Four civil lawsuits remained, one of them being the case submitted by Ashley Solis, the first woman to file litigation against Watson and one of the few to go public with her name.

Watson was traded to the Cleveland Browns on March 18 and signed a five-year, fully guaranteed $230 million contract with the team.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Of the bazillion of words written/spoken re: “Deshaun Watson did WHAT?” …. surely the OMG of the whole mess is …. “The Cleveland Browns gave him a $250M GUARANTEED Contract knowing he was embroiled in this mess …”. WHY ????????
    Even without the He Did What mess, Watson is not a Top Five NFL QB. If Mahomes, Allen, Wilson, et al are “10s” Watson might be a “7”. Has the TruckStop Mogul Owner of the Browns ever tried to explain WHY they did it ?

  2. The Texans at least SAT Watson last season instead of suspending him. The NFL didn’t do squat last season. Then the Texans scammed the Browns for three #1’s in exchange for this circus. The Texans had no choice, they HAD to separate Watson from the team. His presence was a distraction.

    The Browns continue their efforts in being the most incapable franchise management teams.

    Look at how MLB managed a guy as messed up as Trevor Bauer. His teammates didn’t want Bauer around. The Dodgers suspended him. After MLB completed their investigation, Bauer got two seasons off without pay. He’s playing in Mexico now with another infamous slime ball, Mike Fiers.

    The NFL looks like a group of buffoons with their handling of Watson. The Browns just played along. Watson will come out of this getting paid $90 million over two seasons that he won’t play a down.

  3. Regardless of the merits of these claims, the truth is that in Watson signed with the Cowboys, the Giants, the Rams, the Broncos, the Packers, or even the 49ers, the NFL wouldn’t consider suspending Watson indefinitely, if at all. They only “make examples” of teams, or players on teams, they don’t consider their top shelf. Ezekiel Elliot beats up his girlfriend, 6 games. Ruben Foster beats up his girlfriend TWICE, no suspension, fine, and a 2 game suspension for drugs. Greg Hardy, 4 games for DV and a fuckton of illegal guns. It took Aldon Smith until his third suspension for drugs, DUI, and a bunch of illegal guns to finally get a year.

    Not saying Watson is some angel, nor is he deserving of the benefit of the doubt at this point, but given the precedent set before him, the NFL is clownish in their punishments.

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