Mike McDaniel Gives Hilariously Vague Insight On What Kind Of Qualities Dolphins Are Looking For At NFL Combine

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When it comes to the NFL Draft Combine, Mike McDaniel is looking for something specific, but also extremely vague. The second-year Dolphins head coach and his staff are in search of players with the “best qualities.”

That’s it. It’s that simple.

McDaniel, 39, is known to be unconventional in his method. He is not cut from the same cloth as someone like, say, Mike McCarthy, and brings a modern, relaxed approach to coaching.

There is a stark contrast between him and his predecessor.

Whether he’s joking with his quarterback, who turned 25 on Thursday

… or trolling the Bills …

Mike McDaniel is who he is and doesn’t apologize for it.

He is unlike any other coach in the league.

As the NFL Combine continues this week, McDaniel and the other 31 head coaches are in Indianapolis to help sort out their draft strategies. Where someone like Dan Campbell isn’t as interested in the on-field portion of the scouting showcase, McDaniel and his staff are taking a holistic perspective.

They’re casting a wide net, while also keeping the focus very specific.

When asked what kinds of qualities he is looking for in prospects at the Combine, both on the field and in interviews, McDaniel gave the most Mike McDaniel answer possible. Here is what he had to say:

McDaniel did not go any further. That was it. The Dolphins are looking for the “best qualities.”

His response was not the only funny moment from his presser. Bills safety Jordan Poyer recently spoke about his desire to play in a state with less taxes, like Florida.

When asked about the potential of adding Poyer through free agency, McDaniel ducked and dodged the question entirely. He didn’t want to catch a tampering charge!

McDaniel also wasn’t afraid to clap back at Mike Florio and Chris Simms.

The Miami head coach’s quirkiness is a refreshing presence in the NFL. Where other coaches often take things so serious, as if it is life or death, McDaniel understands that it’s just a game. A high-stakes game in which he wants to find success, but a game nonetheless.

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