NFL Announces Details For 2024 NFL Draft, Which Is Taking Place In Detroit For Some Reason

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One of the biggest draws of the NFL Draft was having players’ names called in the middle of New York City. But the league decided to treat the draft like the Super Bowl and start moving the event to new venues in 2014.

They put it in Chicago for two years, an iconic US city. Then, it went to Philadelphia. Again, a VERY American city with tons of history.

Next up: Jerry’s World. The gigantic temple of football built outside of Dallas, Texas. Followed by Nashville, Tennessee. What a party that was.

Following the COVID-affected virtual NFL Draft in 2020, the league put the event in Cleveland, Ohio. Admittedly, not the best venue. I was actually in Cleveland at the time. It was raining and the weather was terrible.

Also, fewer players attended that draft than ever before (aside from the virtual draft, obviously). Can you blame them?

Did the NFL learn nothing from the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland???
Did the NFL learn nothing from the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland where players barely showed up??? (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Seemingly having learned from that mistake, the NFL Draft moved to Las Vegas. Talk about a great city in which to hold the NFL Draft. Which NFL Draft prospects didn’t want to go to Las Vegas to hang out for a weekend?

Next month, the draft will be held in Kansas City. Not exactly the greatest US City, but home to the Super Bowl Champions. Plus, a very midwest city where the people absolutely love their football. And at least the weather should be decent.

The 2024 NFL Draft is going to be a disaster…

But in 2024, the NFL Draft will be held in … Detroit, Michigan. And yet, Commissioner Roger Goodell is out here getting contract extensions??

Detroit. Seriously. Perhaps the league assumed the Lions would have the #1 pick so that would make it fun. Except, the Lions are kinda good now.

So you’re going to ask NFL Draft prospects to give up their weekend to go to Detroit? Even players drafted by the Lions don’t want to go to Detroit.

Welcome to the great city of Detroit for the 2024 NFL Draft!
Welcome to the great city of Detroit for the 2024 NFL Draft! (Photographer: Jeff Kowalsky/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

On Thursday, the league put out its plans for the event, including the official dates. The 2024 NFL Draft will take place from April 25-27.

Please tell me all the people who follow “Visit Detroit” on Twitter have been put on some kind of list somewhere. I want those people monitored. Closely.

“It’s another great day in the Detroit region, with the official announcement of dates for the 2024 NFL Draft,” said Claude Molinari, Visit Detroit President and CEO. “Fans locally and across the nation can now mark their calendars and plan their visit for a celebration of football and Detroit hospitality.

“Planning will intensify and we will continue to collaborate with the City of Detroit, the Detroit Lions, Downtown Detroit Partnership and other key stakeholders to ensure the event creates a beneficial lasting legacy for all members of our community.”

“Another great day in … Detroit” huh?

Can you tell us about the first great day in Detroit?

If you live in Detroit, I apologize. Not for my commentary. I’m sorry you live in Detroit.

But hey, you’ve got the NFL Draft coming to town next year!

It’s another great day in Detroit!

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  1. You, sir, are an idiot.

    Football was born in Ohio. The surrounding area has always been a hotbed for football on the high school, college and professional levels.

    The Detroit and Cleveland fan bases are MUCH more loyal and passionate than most NFL cities.

    Write something without looking down on great fans!

  2. If this is the type of journalism coming from Outkick, I’ll find another outlet for my sports fix. This falls under the most lazy and stereotypical kind of writing. I don’t recall any article citing the rampant drug use and walking zombies on Kensington Ave. in Philadelphia…in the middle of the day! Yet, you say it’s an “American” city. Have you been to Chicago recently!? Another one of your so called “iconic cities” where the murder rate is the highest its ever been there. Michigan Avenue is a shell of its former self and you’re lucky if your not robbed or car jacked coming out of any retail store front on the Miracle Mile. You’re not the first journalist to take a shot at Detroit, and quite frankly you won’t be the last. Do yourself a favor and visit the Motor City before 2024. Yes, you’ll see neighborhoods like the one included in your article, but I dare you to find any city in America that doesn’t have neighborhoods like that. The city has a pulse and vibe worthy of the NFL Draft coming to the city. To bad you’re too damn stupid to see past your short sighted understanding of Detroit.

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