NFL Puts Glaring Double Standard On Full Display By Suspending Jets Coach, 10-Year WR Miles Austin For Sports Betting

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Jets wide receivers coach and 10-year NFL veteran Miles Austin has been suspended at least one full year for violating the league’s gambling policy. It is a clear example of the National Football League’s hypocritical double standard.

Austin, who went undrafted out of Monmouth in 2006, spent most of his career with the Cowboys and reached two Pro Bowls while in Dallas. He joined Robert Saleh’s staff in New York last season after spending 2019 as a quality control coach in San Francisco.

During that period of time, and even before, the NFL has partnered with multiple sports books that legally offer sports betting in 30 of 50 states. It is a major revenue stream for the league.

This is where the double standard comes into play, in the case of Miles Austin.

While encouraging others to bet on the NFL, the NFL prohibits its personnel from placing any wagers on any sports. Football, baseball, table tennis or otherwise — it’s all the same. Not allowed.

Thus, Austin has been suspended, just as Calvin Ridley was back in March. While both parties are guilty of violating the NFL’s gambling policy, there is a significant distinction.

Although Ridley did not place a wager on his own team, he was betting on NFL games. Austin, according to his attorney, did not wager on any NFL games. He was wagering from a legal account on table games and other pro sports.

There is no indication that Austin bet on NFL games, but he will be suspended anyway. No betting allowed!

The Friday evening, pre-Christmas news dump was intentionally timed.

Meanwhile, 11 NFL games will be played on Saturday, three on Sunday, and one on Monday. Hundreds of thousands of wagers will be placed on those 15 games, legally, and the league will profit from their partnerships with the sports books that are taking those bets.

But at the same time, Austin can’t bet on a completely different sport that has nothing to do with the outcome of his team or any team that he may face at any point during the season. Make it make sense!

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