What Are The Unintended Consequences Of NIL? OutKick 360 Discusses

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Could athletes use their name, image, and likeness to promote an OnlyFans account? What if more athletes accept money from politicians, what happens then?

The OutKick 360 crew discussed what they believe the unintended consequences of NIL could be — will capital improvements be affected? Could attendance be impacted?

Donor money that usually goes toward the schools can now go toward the players, but how will that work out? What if the coach or university disapproves?

“The unintended consequence that I thought would happen that has not yet, that I’ve talked about since the beginning of this, was when someone starts to do something that the program and the university disapprove of,” Chad Withrow said. “OnlyFans sponsorship, sports wagering for some may be a problem …”


“Or the beer sponsor that may be the opposite of the one that is sold in the stadium,” Jonathan Hutton said.

Here’s everything the crew had to say on the topic:

Hutton, Withrow, and Kuharsky spoke to NIL expert Pete Schoenthal last week about the NIL landscape as it stands, and Schoenthal said the question comes down to who is the NCAA is protecting — that discussion can be seen below:

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