Newlyweds Flip A Coin At The Altar To Choose Which Last Name To Accept

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An indecisive and chic couple in Virginia opted to challenge marriage norms by flipping a coin at the altar to determine which person’s last name the newlyweds would take.

Both Collin Hansen and Pearl Lee went viral for their March 26 wedding ceremony when the two handed a coin to their marriage officiant to decide whether they would become the Hansens or the Lees.

Attendees eagerly awaited for the coin to drop, which ultimately landed on taking the groom’s last name.

As relayed by the New York Post, the 25-year-old Lee proposed the unorthodox determiner after suggesting that neither person wanted to deal with the hassle of a name change and that both wanted to preserve their respective surnames.

Lee didn’t appear too thrilled, based on the footage:

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“It was honestly just so ironic that the thing that we’d get our 15 minutes of fame for was a coin flip,” said the newly-named Mrs. Hansen.

While certainly not for everyone, the moment connected with other indecisive and unorthodox couples looking to spice things up with a modern twist.

“Their coin toss really resonated with me, and given the amazing number of comments posted about the video, apparently it resonated with lots of others as well,” said Alyssa Danielle, who filmed the scene.

“I think the reason is that it’s a more equitable way of deciding the last name when you get married, instead of just assuming that the man in the relationship is the one who gets to keep his name,” she added.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. This marriage will probably last because the guy here seems to be super agreeable and will likely say “yes, dear” at every turn like a total pansy.

    Guys keep their last names primarily because of kids and family. Kids take their father’s last name for basic identification. If a woman has 2 kids, one each with a separate guy, the last name ID’s who the father of each child is as divorced females usually keep the kids, and women never have to doubt if a kid is theirs, it comes out of their vagina. Also, in theory you can hyphenate. But then what? What happens if two people w/ hyphenated names get married? Are you gonna have 4 last names and keep snowballing it?

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