Newest Adidas Women’s Swimwear Model Is A Man; Riley Gaines, Others Rip Apparel Brand For Decision

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The latest Adidas women’s bathing suit model is not a woman.

Wednesday, the company released a new women’s swimsuit with a man who calls himself a woman behind it:

Adidas explains in a news release that it partnered with Athlete Ally to “focus on ending homophobia and transphobia in sport.”

Translation: a man in a women’s suit with a bulge is a way to end homophobia and transphobia.

At least according to Adidas.

Adidas embracing Womanface follows the latest trends in corporate America: to celebrate the appropriation of women.

Companies are voluntarily sending the message they are on board with said movement. That erasing women is in vogue.

Most notably, Bud Light partnered with Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year. Beer buyers responded to the move by purchasing other beers, sinking the market cap of Anheuser-Busch by some $5 million.

Apparently, Adidas doesn’t fear such backlash.

I discussed the lunacy of corporate wokeness on Tudor Dixon’s podcast Wednesday, a part of the Clay and Buck podcast network:

Various names have also weighed on Adidas turning to a man to model a new women’s swimsuit:


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    • It’s is all about destroying America.. the “God, Mom, baseball, apple pie” kinda stuff… This is why I hate that they are destroying Budweiser (though it is deserved, now). Chevy was killed off under Bush. Football is next. This is a path to MAKE us reject who we are – AMERICANS. They can’t beat us, but they can damn sure get rid of everything that makes us “AMERICANS.”

  1. I don’t know why a woman would buy a swimsuit with a dude showing off his package. Politics aside, wouldn’t a woman be concerned about the suit being to baggie in the crotch? You buy clothes because you think they would look good on you. I don’t know any men who would go buy a shirt that a woman was modeling.

  2. Remember Adidas lost about 500 million when they fired someone who did line of shoes for them it was because of inventory they wouldn’t put on market.Maybe management is really trying to tank the company otherwise decisions don’t make sense.

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