Aaron Judge Surprises Rookie Shortstop By Quietly Paying For First Luxury Suit Without His Knowledge

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All of the stars aligned for Anthony Volpe to live out his childhood dream. The 21-year-old shortstop made his MLB debut with the New York Yankees on Opening Day in 2023 as one of the top prospects in baseball.

Volpe, the Perfect Game’s 2019 New Jersey High School Player of the Year, has been a fan of his professional team since he was a young child. He was born on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and his family had partial season tickets to see the Yankees throughout his childhood.

The Volpes moved to New Jersey in the fourth grade and his New York fandom never wavered.

Eight years later, although he was committed to join his high school teammate Jack Leiter at Vanderbilt, Volpe forwent college to turn pro. The Yankees selected Volpe in the first round of the 2019 MLB Draft, No. 30 overall. It was a full-circle moment.

He chose to take the $2.7 million signing bonus instead of playing in the SEC.

Now, five years later, the consensus Top-10 prospect is starting at shortstop for the team he grew up watching. Considering that New York has not had a solidified player at the position since Derek Jeter’s retirement, there is a lot of pressure on Volpe to help get the Bronx Bombers back to the World Series sooner than later.

Meanwhile, more than 20 games into his rookie season, Volpe is just trying to get acclimated. He is playing alongside some of the players he grew up watching, at 21 years old, on one of the most historic teams in baseball, in the biggest market in sports.

It’s no easy task.

However, regardless of how his career ends up playing out, Volpe has Aaron Judge to help walk him through it all. The reigning AL MVP, and some of his veteran teammates like Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo, have taken the young prospect under their wings.

Aaron Judge has been in Anthony Volpe’s position.

The former wanted to make sure that his new starting shortstop knows that he has his back. To do so, the 30-year-old face of the franchise pulled a cool move before the season began, as detailed by Brendan Kuty of The Athletic.

Volpe went to a high-end tailor in Manhattan, days after being named the starter for Opening Day. He needed a suit for his first road trips.

After getting everything figured out and settled, Volpe went to pay but it had already been paid for. Judge picked up the tab.

It’s something personal that sticks with you forever.

— Anthony Volpe, via The Athletic

Judge was humble when asked about buying Volpe’s suit. He said that it’s “just what you do,” even though nobody did that for him before his MLB debut in 2016.

And it wasn’t the only gesture!

He also bought a PS5 console for Volpe during spring training after hearing him talk about their shared love for FIFA. Judge brought the rookie with him and Harrison Bader to Madison Square Garden on Saturday to watch the Rangers’ first-round playoff series against the Devils.

The Yankees have also made a point to put Volpe in the same batting practice as Judge and Stanton. Rizzo often chops it up with Volpe in the dugout during New York’s at-bats.

There is a conscious effort being made by the veterans, especially Judge, to make Volpe feel comfortable. They are in his corner, even when the New York media spotlight might be blinding.

If I was trying to put myself in his shoes, trying to compete at the major-league level, my eyes would have been wide. I would have been getting overmatched. It would have been a little frustrating.

— Aaron Judge, via The Athletic

Judge didn’t have to buy Volpe’s suit. He didn’t have to try and relate over video games. He wanted to.

The Yankees know that Volpe is still young. They know that he has a lot of learning to do.

In the meantime, as he figures it all out for himself, the vets can provide Volpe with both mentorship and friendship. That’s pretty cool.

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