New York Times Quietly Changes Headline Claiming Anti-Semitic Attacks ‘Are a Gift to Right’

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When an outlet writes as many misleading, hateful, and partisan headlines as the New York Times, it takes a special kind of idiocy to stand out. Yet here we are. The (failing) New York Times did it again Monday, publishing a gross headline that read “Attacks on Jews Over Israel Are A Gift To The Right.”

We are not joking:

Despite getting the okay from several like-minded, spine-lacking staffers, the Times eventually replaced the headline, post-publication, with one that strikes an entirely different tone. The story is now headlined “The Crisis of Anti-Semitic Violence.” A plot twist that puts Shutter Island to shame.

Because the Times traded in its ethics a decade ago, the editor didn’t even bother to offer an explanation for the change.

The article’s original headline follows a trend of left-leaning personalities and outlets exposing how little they care about anti-Semitism. Watch or read any one of these social justice warriors talk about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and remember, they claim they are furiously fighting against all injustices.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats benefit from violence against Jews or any other type of anti-Semitism. How could they? Yet it does appear that one party ranks the ongoing anti-Semitic violence somewhere below Big Tech suppression on their outrage list.

That party still refers to the New York Times as the “paper of record.”

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Is the NYT making the argument that anti-semitism is no longer wrong on its merits, but it’s wrong because it gives conservatives some sort of moral footing? This is just disgusting, and I fear that in my lifetime Israel won’t exist.

  2. The Bible of the left and the stubbornly liberal, whose identity is so tied up in feeling good about themselves and their brands that they ignore how far the Times and the Democrat Party have moved. Raised on hatred of the GOP, their bosses, their parents, religion, feeling judged, personal accountability and a dozen other traditional values, Times readers will front for anything that their designated enemies presumably oppose. And vice versa. Staffed by activists, not journalists. And all their “mistakes” are in one direction, always.

  3. Liberalism is a virus, and it’s way worse than COVID, unfortunately there is no vaccine or treatment. Once it sets in it takes a hold of the brain and doesn’t allow rational thought. Eventually all that’s left are walking mumbling zombies that will need to be quarentined, preferably at Gitmo.

    • They’d all lose their minds if they saw my “Trump 2020” shirt in Hebrew. Israel *loves* Trump, and has since at least Jan 2017, based on visits to TLV/Jaffa and Jeru.

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