New York Times Finally Admits Mask Mandates Don’t Work

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Many people have argued for some time now that mask mandates do nothing to stop or slow the spread of COVID-19. Now, in late May 2022, the New York Times has finally caught up to speed.

In an article entitled “Why Masks Work but Mandates Haven’t,” the NYT admits, “In U.S. cities where mask use has been more common, Covid has spread at a similar rate as in mask-resistant cities.

OutKick founder Clay Travis noted the change:

Though the Times tries to obfuscate, Travis spells it out plainly: masks and mask mandates have had “zero statistical impact on covid,” even in schools.

Zip, zero, zilch.

However, the Times has good reason to hedge their language. They were once one of the most ardent advocates for masks and mask mandates. “Get Serious about the People Putting Us All at Risk,” “We Did the Research: Masks Work, and You Should Choose a High Quality Mask if Possible,” and “Refusing to Wear a Mask Is Like Driving Drunk” are all editorial headlines published in the NYT since COVID began to spread in early 2020.

Now, they have quietly admitted that they were wrong all along. Whoops!

Written by Cortney Weil

Cortney Weil has a PhD in Shakespearean drama but now spends her days reading and writing about her first passion: sports. She loves God, her husband, and all things Michigan State.


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  1. There aren’t any reals tidies that say masks work. There is one, small, cherry-picked, trash, observational study at a hair salon that substantiated this whole mask wearing garbage. All the other larger studies said otherwise. Which is why you cannot trust a single thing coming out of the CDC.

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