New York Jets Turn To Method Man For NFL Season Hype Up Video

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The NFL season is finally upon us. The Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions square off on Thursday night for the first official game of the year. For the New York Jets and their fans, they have the longest wait, along with the Buffalo Bills.

Those teams meet on Monday Night Football, the final game of Week 1. But with the season officially kicking off, there’s no better time to start riling up the fan base. Especially prior to Week 1, since no teams have lost any games.

The Jets are used to losing games, but they believe — and their fans REALLY believe — this is the year that all changes. Perhaps it does. Perhaps it doesn’t. That remains to be seen.

But when it’s time to get the fans juices flowing, what do you do? You get Method Man. At least, that’s what the New York Jets do.

Method Man becoming a spokesperson for the New York Jets

Earlier this summer, the Jets invited Method Man to training camp. He’s a longtime fan and apparently friends with new quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Now he’s back, starring in the team’s hype up video that they posted to their social media channels on Thursday.

Rapper/actor Method Man (Clifford Smith) and his sons attend a New York Jets game at MetLife stadium during the 2014 NFL season.
Rapper/actor Method Man (Clifford Smith) and his sons attend a New York Jets game at MetLife stadium during the 2014 NFL season. (Photo by Al Pereira/WireImage)

“What’s Past is Prologue” is the title of the short film.

“This here is where we write the story,” Method Man begins as scenic shots of New York City cycle through on the screen. “For a city, a land, a nation not bound by ancestry of borders. Just loyalty to these colors.”

I know it sounds like I’m making fun of the whole thing, and I am. It’s objectively funny how over-the-top these videos are because, at the end of the day, we’re talking about a professional football team.

That being said, the video is actually awesome. I’m not a New York Jets fan. However, I got goosebumps. The video is extremely well-produced and the patriotic imagery reminds me of a time when the country united around the NFL.

We might not agree politically, but we all agree that football is awesome.

The video is worth watching and can be seen below.

Nothing says the NFL is back like Method Man. And I’m just so happy that the NFL is back.

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