New York Jets Drop Trailer For Reality Series, Fan Hype Now Officially Off-The-Charts

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When the New York Jets acquired quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the hype train started rolling down the tracks. On Monday, the team dropped a trailer for a new season of their reality show, Flight 23: Ascension.

Now, the hype train is barreling ahead, full steam. New York fans are losing their minds and expecting big things from the team this season.

The Hard Knocks-esque show premiers on May 18.

To be fair to Jets fans, this trailer is pretty awesome. There is no reason to not be excited as a fan of the team. One check of the YouTube comment section shows that fans are having no problem getting excited.

YouTube comment section for New York Jets trailer of their reality show, Flight 23: Ascension
YouTube comment section for New York Jets trailer of their reality show, Flight 23: Ascension (Screenshot: YouTube)

New York Jets fans are hyped, but let’s not forget it’s only May

But none of this really matters. Super Bowls aren’t won in April and May. Sure, they are a better team with Aaron Rodgers than they were last season without him.

The AFC is loaded, though. Are the Jets better than the Chiefs? How about the Bills? The Bengals? Dolphins? Chargers? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m not sure playing into the reality series is a great thing for the team. The media circus is already going to be insane and Aaron Rodgers certainly isn’t afraid of the spotlight.

Perhaps that helps the team. Maybe Rodgers takes some of the pressure off of the other players. They got rid of Elijah Moore who caused drama last season.

But this is still a Jets team that hasn’t reached the playoffs since 2010. They play in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers is almost 40 years old and didn’t play that well last season. Sure, this team has more weapons than the Packers did. But they face a far more daunting schedule and path to the Super Bowl.

Ultimately, these hype videos are fun for the fans. Jets fans, much like Browns fans, have to get excited in May.

It helps with the disappointment in December.

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