New Study From Oxford Professor Shows Masking Doesn’t Affect COVID-19 Infection Rates

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A new study from University of Oxford professor Jim Naismith shows that masks make no meaningful difference in COVID-19 infection rates.

Naismith noted the declining number in cases in England after dropping its mask mandate in July. Scotland, meanwhile, kept its restrictions in tact. Naismith says that neither approach helped fight off the Delta variant.

“The ONS survey results on prevalence shows that the Scottish and English approach to masking, although formally different since July, has made no meaningful difference to Delta,” Naismith said.

With the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, beginning to spread in Europe and likely make its way to the U.S., scientists are urging for more restrictions. Modified lockdowns are already taking place in countries such as the Netherlands, with others to follow suit.

Mask mandates are back in England, now required to enter shops and on public transport. The mandate comes after 11 cases of the Omicron variant were reported. The United Kingdom has a population of 68,388,756.

Perhaps the most puzzling of these mandates is in restaurants. If you are picking up an order at a restaurant, masking is required. However, if you plan on having a sit down meal, feel free to keep the mask in your pocket.

With Prime Minister Boris Johnson implementing the protocols on Tuesday, Naismith says they likely won’t help stop the spread of the Omicron variant.

“In both countries very high levels of prevalence have continued for months,” Naismith said. “Thus the new changes announced are unlikely to have much of an impact if Omicron does indeed spread rapidly.”

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  1. Well this can only mean one thing, Anthony “I AM SCIENCE” Fauci will declare we must mask up even more. After all, this Oxford professor is clearly a red-state, QAnon, MAGA, insurgent, science-denying, misinformation spreading domestic terrorist.

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